The Trumpona Virus

Deadly But Not Silent

Photo by CDC on Unsplash

I have always considered myself to be open-minded and tolerant. I try very hard to imagine myself in the shoes of others in an attempt to understand why they act and say the things they do. By nature I root for the underdog, and I believe that empathy is one’s greatest asset. These principles have served me well over the years and enabled a somewhat content life.

Then why the hell does the sight of Donald Trump, or hearing the shit and hatred that spews from his mouth on a daily basis, result in my mental anguish and physical manifestations of illness?

It troubles me why I react this way, and I try to analyze the source of my reactions. It goes beyond the obvious suspects of hating liars and despising bigotry. After all, we live in a world where we encounter such negativity every day. It’s deeper than that. I don’t subscribe to any organized religion, and certainly do not pay attention to any of the rules or dogma, but this person is the embodiment of evil. It’s an evil that clogs my pores as I desperately try to find a way to cleanse. Fingernails screeching on a blackboard and the whirl of a dentist’s drill are nothing in comparison. It’s the profound remorse that the imaginary prose in the novel 1984 is unfolding before my eyes. Constant repetition of falsehoods have become a weapon used to work the masses into a frenzy, and lying has now become acceptable to a new generation who is already challenged by the concept of independent thought. Even worse, our politicians, the swamp dwellers who are fueled by the perks granted to the wealthy and motivated by the threats to their positions, have become nothing but enablers as they bury their heads in the sand.

A metaphysical practitioner or spiritualist would probably explain that I am an unwilling recipient of negative energy emanating from a toxic entity. I am open to that explanation. It is well known that stress produces excessive cortisol that can wreak havoc on your body. On the other hand, my physical ailments and nausea could be caused from the Trumpona virus, a plague that has already infected millions and has the potential to destroy not only this country, but the Earth.

Unlike other viruses that attack silently while remaining invisible to the eye, the Trumpona virus announces its arrival with a vengeance. Egomania, hypocrisy, bigotry, lying, smugness and ignorance hit you all at once with full force, in open view, overwhelming your very being and attacking your soul.

I try to treat the symptoms by switching channels when he appears on my TV, or closing an app on my phone when viewing the news, but the virus is impervious to such meaningless tactics and keeps attacking. The worst part, much like feeding sugar to cancer cells, is the fact that so many prefer to let this virus gather strength and spread. Many believe that Big Pharma has a vested interest in keeping us ill, as it keeps the profit machine rolling. But what is the end game of the enablers of the Trumpona virus? I look back at the playbook in Nazi Germany and I shudder. Promise prosperity, destroy the media and all who dare to criticize or question, trivialize crimes, incubate separation and bigotry, demand absolute loyalty, repeat lies over and over again, all things that shake me to the core.

I understand that there are many who believe that they are impervious to this virus. They see antidotes where others see poison. They see patriotism where others see corruption and self- interest. They see a savior where others see a destroyer. This is nothing new, as it has happened in history many times before and will continue its cycle. Divide, divide, divide…..then conquer. History also suggests that, despite being set back one hundred years, we will eventually recover from this madness. I’m not so sure.

I choose to no longer treat the symptoms of the Trumpola virus and seek ways to eliminate the source. In this country the virus can be eliminated only in voting booths. In this climate I would vote for anyone with a pulse, anyone with a modicum of intelligence, anyone who is at least capable of telling the truth. The standard is very low, but infinitely higher than the orange purveyor of destruction that presently rules the roost and spews his venom among the masses. We can save ourselves by focusing on the source of this deadly virus, and we are running out of time.



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Robert Ginsberg

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