If You Are Waiting for God to Save You…..Don’t Hold Your Breath

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If you believe that our physical world is governed by certain spiritual principles and is part of a purposeful design, there appears to be something wrong with that design. For example, assuming that there is meaning to our physical existence, what is the purpose of one’s suffering in the dying process? I accept the fact that we are all put here for a relatively short period of time and everyone dies. That is easy to understand and accept. However, how does physical suffering benefit the human soul? …

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The nature of time has been debated for centuries, but recent discoveries in physics have brought about a renewed interest. Time is no longer thought of as being linear and it is suggested that the accepted progression of past, present and future needs to be reevaluated. In fact, it is theorized by many scientists that all three exist simultaneously across many dimensions, and a few scientists believe that it is theoretically possible to develop technology that would enable us to move freely to different points in time. The suggestion is that once an event has passed, it continues to exist…

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The fact is that we are better prepared for a pandemic than we were a decade ago, and it has nothing to do with medicine or politics. Never before have we been able to live our lives without leaving the confines of our homes. We can instantly get any information we need and entertainment we desire from the internet and media. We can communicate with virtually anyone in the world with a click. We can order all of the food we need and have it left at our front door. Many can work from home. Physical interaction with others is…

Your Life is Just an Illusion….Or is it?

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The Latin term placere which means to please later became placebo, meaning I shall be acceptable or pleasing. Dating back to the 13th century the term placebo was used to describe those who were professional mourners at funerals. These folks feigned grief and showed up for the food and drink that they knew would be available. Since that time the term placebo has most often been used to describe something inauthentic or fake.

Of course we now know that placebos play an integral part in medical research as a control group in…

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Perhaps nothing changes as much as our concept of age. I remember that throughout my care free days of playing endlessly on the streets of Brooklyn I thought that getting old was something only other people did. Even during my college years the concept of aging was so far off in the distance that it did not merit much thought. People that were the age that I am now, sixty eight, were really old and approaching death. The chances were that I might not make it that far, so I might as well make the best of the current moment.

Deadly But Not Silent

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I have always considered myself to be open-minded and tolerant. I try very hard to imagine myself in the shoes of others in an attempt to understand why they act and say the things they do. By nature I root for the underdog, and I believe that empathy is one’s greatest asset. These principles have served me well over the years and enabled a somewhat content life.

Then why the hell does the sight of Donald Trump, or hearing the shit and hatred that spews from his mouth on a daily basis, result in my mental…

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We can all agree that everyone grieves differently and many factors come into play. The relationship and emotional connection we had with the deceased during life, the circumstances of their passing, and our own thoughts about what happens after physical death play major roles in our bereavement.

In my case, when my daughter passed in the blink of an eye at age fifteen, I died along with her. Yes, I was physically alive, but my soul, my essence, and my reason for living seemed forever gone. Guilt, anger, disbelief, horror, and utter sadness held me hopelessly in their grip with no possible path to escape. I was a logical left brained thinker, and the suggestion that she might live on was both hurtful and absurd. It’s been seventeen years since my daughter’s passing. I’m still here and living a meaningful life. Over the years I have learned…

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Every once in a while there is a story in the media that describes an extraordinary act of kindness. We have all heard about mega anonymous gifts to a university or charity, a Good Samaritan who pays off the mortgage for a needy family and then disappears, or a restaurant patron who gives a giant sized tip to a waitress. I don’t know about you, but my thoughts always race when I hear of such an occurrence. What was the motivation behind the gift giving? Did the donor feel indebted to the recipient in some way? Was the donation provided…

Is The Pursuit of Happiness an Illusion?

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Recently my wife and I had a beautiful dinner in a great beachfront restaurant, all while gazing at a majestic sky bursting with vibrant colors as the sun completed its slow descent. We drove home along the winding roads in a Maserati as the sound system vibrated with music that could not help but uplift one’s spirit. As wonderful as these physical experiences were, I found myself in a very contemplative mood as I tried to sleep. I could not quite put my finger on the reason that I could not accept the…

My 24 Hour Experiment — I Challenge You To Try it and See What Happens

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Ever stop to contemplate how many expressions that we use on a daily basis with little or no feeling behind these utterances? We have arsenals of phrases such as “good morning” to a co-worker (even though it’s been anything but good) “bless you” to a sneezer (despite the fact that we have no idea why we say it), “how are you?” to an acquaintance (although we rarely listen for a response), and “no problem” in response to anyone thanking you for something (even though their…

Robert Ginsberg

Founder of not for profit Forever Family Foundation. Editor of Signs of Life Magazine, host of Signs of Life Radio — blog at www.beyondthefivesenses.com

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